Hydejack 6

Hydejack 6

A pretentious two-column Jekyll theme, stolen by @qwtel from Hyde. You could say it was.. hydejacked.

The original copy read as follows:

Hydejack is a complete, interactive, configureable, responsive, reactive, mobile-first, touch-enabled, animated, printable, tab-able, fast, search engine-friendly and robust Jekyll theme that feels like a modern web app, while preserving what is great about web pages: Working URLs, hyperlinks, a working back button, a working refresh button and less than 50MB of JavaScript (tongue-in-cheek).

It can be hosted on GitHub Pages, where it has support for categories and tags, math blocks via KaTeX, comments via Disqus, multiple authors, a sidebar that turns into a drawer menu on mobile, two different blog layouts, a wide array of social media icons and much more. It also looks pretty good.

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