Hydejack 6

Hydejack 6

A pretentious two-column Jekyll theme, stolen by @qwtel from Hyde. You could say it was.. hydejacked.

Hydejack is a complete, interactive, configureable, responsive, reactive, mobile-first, touch-enabled, animated, printable, tab-able, fast1, search engine-friendly and robust Jekyll theme that feels like a modern web app, while preserving what is great about web pages: Working URLs, hyperlinks, a working back button, a working refresh button and less than 50MB of JavaScript (tongue-in-cheek).

It can be hosted on GitHub Pages, where it has support for categories and tags, math blocks via KaTeX, comments via Disqus, multiple authors, a sidebar that turns into a drawer menu on mobile, two different blog layouts, a wide array of social media icons and much more. It also looks pretty good.

The site works all the way down to IE10. It works in IE9 if you don’t need fancy animations, and even IE5 if you don’t need fancy anything. Rumor has it, you can even view it via lynx.

  1. Hydejack is fast in two different ways. Its perceived speed hides latency through a combination of animations and a complex pre-fetching logic. Load speed is achieved through inlining critical CSS and removing non-essential requests from the critical rendering path. ↩︎

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