Hydejack v7

A Jekyll theme with JavaScript Powers. “Best Theme by a Mile”. Combines the best of static sites and modern web apps.

Hydejack is a cutting-edge Jekyll theme that combines the best of static sites and modern web apps. It features a suite of JavaScript that makes the page feel like an app, without sacrificing backwards-compatibility, page-load speed or SEO.

It aims to be the complete package for professionals on the web. It features a blog suitable for both prose and technical documentation, a showcase for projects and a resume that fits with the rest of the design.

It’s best to just see it in action.


Both the PRO and free version includes all of the features listed below:

  • Full in-app page loading — no Flash of White, no Flash of Unstyled Content1
  • Advanced animations, inspired by Material Design
  • A customizable sidebar that turns into a touch-enabled app drawer on mobile
  • Near-perfect Google PageSpeed Score2
  • Even higher perceived speed thanks to pre-fetching and latency-hiding
  • Support for categories and tags — even when hosting on GitHub Pages
  • Built-in collection of social media icons
  • Author section below each article and multiple authors
  • Simple and semantic HTML — can be viewed even with text-based browsers
  • Progressive enhancement — sacrifice features, not content
  • Google Analytics and Google Fonts support
  • Blog layout with pagination
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Math formulas via LaTeX
  • Disqus comments
  • RSS feed
  • Print layout

usage of 3rd party plugins.

  1. Applies after the initial page load. ↩︎

  2. Actual page load speed depends on your hosting provider as well as discipline regarding resolution of images and ↩︎