Exporting and Importing a MongoDB from a Meteor App

First get the credentials of the mongodb of the meteor app with

meteor mongo --url OLDNAME.meteor.com

It yields something like

mongodb://client:[email protected]:27017/twatpsq_meteor_com

The “password” (the uuid-looking thing) will be valid for one minute.

Using mongodump, getting a snapshot of the db by invoking

mongodump -u client -h production-db-a1.meteor.io:27017 -d OLDNAME_meteor_com -p 95d0e385-e193-b17a-b69a-85fd6d3f6a04

The dump (a bunch of .bson files) will be inside ./dump/OLDNAME_meteor_com/.

Using mongorestore, applying the snapshot to the new db (get the password as shown above) with

mongorestore -u client -h production-db-a1.meteor.io:27017 -d NEWNAME_meteor_com -p cc7bd4e2-9b1d-fd99-0940-7c49193f5664 dump/OLDNAME_meteor_com/

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