Florian Klampfer


Hi, I’m Florian or @qwtel, which isn’t an acronym, I just wanted a short username and that one happened to be available.

I’m the the developer and designer of Hydejack, the Jekyll theme you’re currently looking at.

Questions? Send a mail to mail@qwtel.com or tweet @qwtel.


Hydejack is a cutting-edge Jekyll theme that combines the best of static sites and modern web apps. It features a suite of JavaScript that makes the page feel like an app, without sacrificing backwards-compatibility, page-load speed or SEO.

The complete package for professionals: A blog, a portfolio and a resume.

It aims to be the complete package for professionals on the web. It features a blog suitable for both prose and technical documentation, a showcase for projects and a resume that fits with the rest of the design.

Oh, and there’s also the welcome layout, which features the author’s short description, some arbitrary content, as well as selected projects and selected posts.

Selected Projects


Hydejack v6*

This release adds a lot of JavaScript.


Hyde v2*

Hyde is a brazen two-column Jekyll theme.

See Projects* for more

Selected Posts

See Posts for more

* Layout not included in free version

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