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Copyright (c) 2018 Florian Klampfer

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import { Observable, from, of } from "rxjs/_esm5";

import { catchError, concatMap, tap } from "rxjs/_esm5/operators";

Experimental script feature


export const scriptMixin = C =>
  class extends C {

This function removes all script tags (as query’ed by scriptSelector) from the response.

    tempRemoveScriptTags(replaceEls) {
      const scripts = [];

      replaceEls.forEach(docfrag =>
        Array.from(docfrag.querySelectorAll(this.scriptSelector)).forEach(script => {
          const pair = [script, script.previousSibling];

      return scripts;

Attempts to (synchronously) insert a script tag into the DOM, before a given ref element.

    insertScript([script, ref]) {

Temporarily overwrite document.wirte to simulate its behavior during the initial load. This only works because scripts are inserted one-at-a-time (via concatMap).

      const originalWrite = document.write;

      document.write = (...args) => {
        const temp = document.createElement("div");
        temp.innerHTML = args.join();
        Array.from(temp.childNodes).forEach(node => {
          ref.parentNode.insertBefore(node, ref.nextSibling);

If the script tag needs to fetch its source code, we insert it into the DOM, but we return an observable that only completes once the script has fired its load event.

      return script.src !== ""
        ? Observable.create(observer => {
            script.addEventListener("load", x => {
              document.write = originalWrite;

            script.addEventListener("error", x => {
              document.write = originalWrite;

            ref.parentNode.insertBefore(script, ref.nextSibling);
        : // Otherwise we insert it into the DOM and reset the `document.write` function.
            tap(() => {
              ref.parentNode.insertBefore(script, ref.nextSibling);
              document.write = originalWrite;

Takes a list of scriptref pairs, and inserts them into the DOM one-by-one.

    reinsertScriptTags(context) {
      if (!this.scriptSelector) return of(context);

      const { scripts } = context;

      return from(scripts)
          catchError(error => {
            throw Object.assign(context, { error });
        .then(() => context);

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