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import { NEVER } from "rxjs/_esm5";

import { switchMap } from "rxjs/_esm5/operators";

Observable extensions

Unsubscribe when

This operator unsubscribes from the source observable when pauser$ emits a truthy value, and re-subscribes when it emits a falsy value.

export const unsubscribeWhen = pauser$ => source => {
  if (process.env.DEBUG && !pauser$) throw Error();
  return pauser$.pipe(switchMap(paused => (paused ? NEVER : source)));

Custom subscribe

A custom subscribe function that will recover from an error and log it to the console. This is a line of last defense to make sure the entire pipeline/page doesn’t crash.

function subscribe(ne, er, co) {
  let res = this;
  if (process.env.DEBUG) res = this.pipe(tap({ error: e => console.error(e) }));
  return res
    .pipe(catchError((e, c) => c))
    .subscribe(ne, er, co);

© 2018 Florian Klampfer

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