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import { isExternal, isHash } from "../common";
import { URL } from "../url";

import { PUSH, POP } from "./constants";


What you will notice about the following helper functions is that many make reference to this. This is because they are invoked with the :: operator, binding this to the component, effectively turning them into (private) methods. Since the final export is a mixin, we want to avoid potentially conflicting names as much as possible.

export const helperMixin = C =>
  class extends C {

Returns an identifier to mark frames on the history stack.

    histId() {
      return || this.constructor.componentName;

Event filters

    shouldLoadAnchor(anchor, hrefRegex) {
      return anchor && === "" && (!hrefRegex || !== -1);

    isPushEvent({ url, anchor, event: { metaKey, ctrlKey } }) {
      return (
        !metaKey &&
        !ctrlKey &&
        this.shouldLoadAnchor(anchor, this.hrefRegex) &&
        !isExternal(url, this)

    isHintEvent({ url, anchor }) {
      return (
        this.shouldLoadAnchor(anchor, this.hrefRegex) &&
        !isExternal(url, this) &&
        !isHash(url, this)

Determines if a pair of context’s constitutes a hash change (vs. a page chagne) We take as a hash change when the pathname of the URLs is the same, and the hash isn’t empty.

        url: { pathname: prevPathname },
        url: { pathname, hash },
    ]) {
      return pathname === prevPathname && (type === POP || (type === PUSH && hash !== ""));

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