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This file contains helper funtions related to managing the History API.


import { isExternal } from "../common";

import { PUSH, POP, INIT } from "./constants";
import { scrollMixin } from "./scrolling";

export const historyMixin = C =>
  class extends scrollMixin(C) {

Update History state

add a new entry on the history stack, assuming the href is differnt.

    updateHistoryState({ type, replace, url: { href } }) {
      if (isExternal(this)) return;

      switch (type) {
        case INIT:
        case PUSH: {
          const id = this.histId();
          const method = replace || href === window.location.href ? "replaceState" : "pushState";
          const state = Object.assign(window.history.state || {}, { [id]: {} });
          window.history[method](state, document.title, href);
        case POP:
        default: {
          if (process.env.DEBUG) console.warn(`Type '${type}' not reconginzed?`);

FIXME: use one updatehistory state function for both?

    updateHistoryStateHash({ type, url }) {
      if (isExternal(this)) return; // TODO: abort or not?

      if (type === PUSH) {
        const id = this.histId();
        window.history.pushState({ [id]: {} }, document.title, url);

    updateHistoryTitle({ type, title }) {
      document.title = title;

      if (!isExternal(this) && type === PUSH)
        window.history.replaceState(window.history.state, title, window.location);

    saveScrollPosition() {
      if (isExternal(this)) return;

      const state = this.assignScrollPosition(window.history.state || {});
      window.history.replaceState(state, document.title, window.location);

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