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Copyright (c) 2018 Florian Klampfer

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This in the HTML import version of the WebComponent version of this component. See here for the standalone version. This file is included via script tag in hy-drawer.html and shouldn’t be used via ES import.

import { customElementMixin, CustomElement } from "hy-component/src/custom-element";

import { drawerMixin } from "../mixin";

const define = () => {
    class extends customElementMixin(drawerMixin(CustomElement)) {

The CustomElements spec demands that we provide a list of attributes (i.e. our options).

      static get observedAttributes() {
        return this.getObservedAttributes();

Make sure the polyfills are ready (if they are being used).

if (
  ("customElements" in window && "attachShadow" in Element.prototype) ||
  (window.WebComponents && window.WebComponents.ready)
) {
} else if (window.WebComponents) {
  window.addEventListener("WebComponentsReady", define);
} else if (process.env.DEBUG) {
  console.warn("Couldn't register component. Did you forget to include a WebComponents polyfill?");

© 2018 Florian Klampfer

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