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import ‘core-js/fn/array/from’;

We start by importing form the hy-component library…

import {
} from "hy-component/src/custom-element";

…and our own component.

import { drawerMixin, MIXIN_FEATURE_TESTS } from "../mixin";

Unlike the HTML Import version, this version bundles the template as a string.

import { template } from "./template";

The set of Modernizr feature tests required for this version of the component.

export const WEBCOMPONENT_FEATURE_TESTS = new Set([

export { Set };

The exported class follows the HTML naming convetion. It is a combination of the CustomElement class (a wrapper around HTMLElement that doesn’t break when piped through the babel transformer), our drawerMixin, and the customElementMixin, which is part of hy-component and handles things like reflecting options as HTML attributes, etc…

export class HyDrawerElement extends customElementMixin(drawerMixin(CustomElement)) {

The CustomElements spec demands that we provide a list of attributes (i.e. our options).

  static get observedAttributes() {
    return this.getObservedAttributes();

We override the getTemplate method and return a document fragment obtained from parsing the template string.

  getTemplate() {
    return fragmentFromString(template);

© 2018 Florian Klampfer

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