Gold Standard

This component follows the WebComponents Gold Standard.


The source code is written in a literal programming style, and should be reasonably approachable. However, some knowledge of RxJS is required.

The core functionality is implemented in mixin / index.js, which is used to create the framework-specific versions of the component.


The size of the minified bundle is around 80kb, or ~17kb gzipped. The majority of it comes from RxJS. When already using RxJS in your project, or using more than one component of the Hydejack component family, consider using a frontend bundler.

Size File
67K dist/jquery/index.js
15K dist/jquery/index.js.gz
63K dist/mixin/index.js
14K dist/mixin/index.js.gz
65K dist/vanilla/index.js
14K dist/vanilla/index.js.gz
69K dist/webcomponent/html-import.js
15K dist/webcomponent/html-import.js.gz
71K dist/webcomponent/index.js
16K dist/webcomponent/index.js.gz
71K dist/webcomponent/module.js
16K dist/webcomponent/module.js.gz

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